AmeriSpec Home Inspection Services Franchise Review

Home Inspection Service Franchises provides people with their services of home inspections. They visit the houses of their clients and inspect them to find any potential structural challenges. There can be many types of contamination, which can ruin your house. This AmeriSpec Home Inspection Services Franchise Review states many points about this franchise option. It may help you if you are considering a home inspection business.

Background: The AmeriSpec Home Inspection Services was first started in Anaheim, California. The aim of the company was to offer homebuyers with their unique home inspection services. After a few years of successful operations, the company started to franchise their services to other potential people who want to invest their money in the AmeriSpec Home Inspection Services.

The company offered its franchisees with lots of facilities as well as operation convenience for starting their business. The company offered their potential buyers from across the country with services like exterior, interior and structural home inspections. home inspector colorado spring

The company further went on to become a part the ServiceMaster. This gave the company the right to co-branding with many other reputed companies like Merry Maids, Terminix, ChemLawn, Tru-Green and Furniture Medic. The relationship with these companies gave them an option to offer discounts to its customers on its services even from above mentioned companies who had become its partners.

Along with the home inspection services, the company has offered its customers with many other services right from the beginning. The company also provides services like checking homes and properties for the unwanted presence of harmful substances like molds, water contaminants, lead, carbon monoxide and radon. It also provided environmental inspection services to its clients.

Benefits of the Franchise –

If you are thinking of the reason you should choose this franchise, there are some reasons stated below which can help you in doing this-

· No experience required- you do not need to have any sort of prior business experience in this field.

· Marketing and other technology packages- you will be provided with a hand-held computer which you can use during your home inspections, a laptop computer, and an AmeriSpec Home Inspector Software.



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