Which ‘Bridgerton’ Character Are You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign 


Actually, like Lady Whistledown, the stars know every one of your insider facts. 

The Netflix TV show Bridgerton is making a significant sprinkle with fans that we chose to separate the characters dependent on which zodiac sign they adjust best to. Also, indeed, we trust you discover this as fulfilling as we do, mainly since the Duke of Hastings is a complete Scorpio.  zodiac signs 

Be that as it may if you need to know which Bridgerton character accommodates your zodiac sign, look underneath. Also, make a point to peruse your rising sign, as well! 

Aries: Anthony Bridgerton 

As the patriarch of the Bridgerton family, Anthony needs what’s best for his family (like any Aries would). He assumes responsibility and care of those he cherishes, yet with a defensive eye. With an Aries attitude, he’s continually looking forward and never looking in reverse to guarantee he can accomplish significance in life. 

Taurus: Daphne Bridgerton 

Daphne once in a while gives in except if she accepts that she’s right or refuted. Profoundly stubborn, she needs what she needs and will not settle. As the story unfurls, she gets into a hot and hefty sentiment, just as an exotic affair that would make any Taurus desirous. 

Gemini: Lady Whistledown 

We as a whole realize that if there’s one sign who knows all the tea, it’s a Gemini. Even more motivation behind why Lady Whistledown thoroughly reverberates with the Mercurial sign. Besides, in an all-out Gemini beguiling style, her character is obscure. Along these lines, anybody around could be the tattle editorialist. 

Cancer: Lady Violet Bridgerton 

As the matron of the Bridgerton family, Lady Bridgerton radiates consideration and delicacy—all conclusions that we anticipate from Cancer, who is the nurturer of the zodiac. She’ll generally put the necessities of her youngsters first, even before hers. Furthermore, in evident Cancer style, needs them to pick joy. 

Leo: Queen Charlotte 

If there were just three words to portray a Leo, they would be faithful, glorious, and diva. This is why Queen Charlotte is best addressed by the zodiac sign Leo, a genuine imperial. Furthermore, similar to the lion, Queen Charlotte is just as faithful to her significant other, the King. 

Virgo: Penelope Featherington 

Penelope is the wise, pragmatic scholar, and visionary of the Featherington family. She longs for a life where she can flaunt her astounding scholarly and insightful abilities, just as exciting critique, which is why she 100% possesses all the necessary qualities of being an aggregate and total Virgo. 

Libra: Colin Bridgerton 

Libras are known to have endearing personalities, which is why we choose Colin Bridgerton as our pick for the thoughtful sign. Like a Libra, Colin searches for affection (here and there unwittingly in some unacceptable spots). Yet, his heart is in the perfect spot—and that makes him all the better. 

Scorpio: The Duke of Hastings 

Arousing intensely (and good-looking), the Duke emanates secret because of his inebriating disposition and looks. Very much like each Scorpio, he isn’t against tricking society from knowing his business as long as he is in on the gag and has all-out command over the circumstance. 

Sagittarius: Lady Danbury 

As a Sagittarius, Lady Danbury is highly candid and challenges the cultural standards of the time. She is a protector of others (especially the Duke when he was a youngster) and battles along their side for equity. Her words are somewhat unforgiving. However, they come from a position of affection. 

Capricorn: Portia Featherington 

As the matron of the Featherington family, Portia is centered around the matter of marriage. Like a Capricorn, she puts significance on design and custom. She also has a cutthroat side to her, which like the ocean goat, she is expected to accomplish achievement in attempts (especially, discovering her girls an ideal mate). 

Aquarius: Eloise Bridgerton 

Eloise is a wild kid within who is longing to come out. The defiant Bridgerton sister needs something other than to get hitched and have a family. She needs the world. Each Aquarian can identify with the need to make their one-of-a-kind way in life, which is the thing that Eloise wants. 

Pisces: Marina Thompson 

Pisces tend to make their own story, which is the thing that Marina does throughout the show. Like a Pisces, she needs her fantasy finishing and will not stop until she gets hers—regardless of whether that implies lying and retaining data about her “circumstance” from other people who should know.




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