Cancer Personal Horoscope For May 2010


You will get plenty of success in your married life and romance. Arians may probably fall in love at first sight as the valentine stars are at their best this year. If you expect a long lasting relationship with an Aries person it will depend upon how full filling his love life is. Don’t get too impulsive to cross your limits while buying gifts and presents for your sweetheart. There is also a possibility of someone unexpectedly coming in your life.


You as a Taurus is one of the lovely romantic person about whom everyone around dreams to be engaged with. Travelling and eating out is one area where you will always be ready to spend more than your limit on this valentine. You love your home very passionately and make sure it’s comfortable for the people you love around. Astrological calculations say that marriage / relationships will give you a testing time, but not always. So plan a trip and take your spouse for a second Honeymoon just for a change


You are one of the valentines special as the love stars are backing you. Your best ability is that, once you set your eyes on someone its not at all difficult to win a place in his/her heart. Positive attitudes in personal relationships bring back the love and understanding you may have lost for a while. As a parent and guardian you strive to do well as you don’t have any generation gap problem with your kids and other senior members of the family.


This year love is in the air and your valentine will be the happiest this season. On the love aspect you are extremely well caring and focused on making your partner be satisfied from you. As a parent you sometimes become over protective and over caring. By remaining faithful to yourself, or the views of others, you will soon achieve your emotional targets.


When Leo’s fall in love they are over and out, and this is bound to happen this valentine’s day so be careful. If love is not returned for love then they tend to hurt their partner and it sometimes takes a long time healing the broken heart. As you have been gifted so abundantly by life, it’s important for you to appreciate and love yourself so you have a loving attitude As you start surrendering and become more trusting the right person will walk into your life. Take your spouse on a long drive this Valentine’s Day.


Your Valentine stars are in your favour so you definitely make very good lovers and once you have made a commitment you tend to stick to it always. You have to change your habit of being over protecting your loved ones as it can prove to be unlucky for your relationship. As a parent you need to encourage your children and help them in their activities. For a change take your family for an adventure holiday and you will meet some unexpected friends there.


You as a Libra are genuine romantic and benevolent givers when in true love, this valentine day will be the happiest day ever. Besides a normal relation with your spouse or love, you are likely to involve with someone else. Because of such involvement, if you ignore to perform well, there could be embarrassing movements. You shower your dear ones with precious gifts and spend. As a parent you tend to give up for demands of your children, this will actually spoil them gemini horoscope


A Scorpio is over possessive and extremely over protective and jealous when in love and romance so be alert this Valentine day. Your love continues to grow intense and intimate. A good spouse or lover is the role you choose to play honestly passionately and romantically. A long drive will be beneficial to sort out any confusion with your partner.



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