Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs Part 1

The word entrepreneurship appears to be synonymous with freedom, power and innovation. Becoming an entrepreneur seems as the perfect solution for those who are fed up of obeying instructions, ambitious about their goals and passionate about carving out a niche for themselves.

However, becoming a successful entrepreneur is easier said than done. A successful entrepreneur has certain distinct personal, professional and psychological traits.

Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

If you have just started a home-based or Internet-based venture, or are considering a similar option, you should analyze yourself. There are certain characteristics of successful entrepreneurs that may be inherent and the rest can be imbibed. These traits include: Steph Korey

o Self-confidence: Entrepreneurs must be extremely self confident about handling day-to-day issues and problems arising in the business. They must also be confident enough to cope with the risks associated with the business.
o An eye for opportunity: Most entrepreneurs start a venture by seeking a need and an opportunity and capitalizing on them.
o Learn quickly: Successful entrepreneurs enjoy receiving feedback. They are also able to learn from mistakes and failures.
o Discipline: Entrepreneurs have the capability to restrain themselves from doing unimportant tasks, letting their minds wander and losing focus. They have the ability to prioritize and focus on what is best for their venture.
o An appetite for hard work: Most entrepreneurs start by working long, hard hours with little or no pay. They are not driven by monetary rewards but the thirst to achieve something. They also love challenges and are motivated by a need to test their limits.
o Independence: Almost all entrepreneurs enjoy being their own boss. However, they learn to work within a framework for the sake of providing consistent service to customers and maintaining stable profitability.
o Quick judgment: An entrepreneur should have the ability to think quickly and make a calculated decision.
o Ability to accept change: In business, market trends change frequently and a successful entrepreneur adapts to the change rapidly. He also possesses a strong urge to initiate change and thrives on improvising on the existing technologies and trends.
o Make stress work for them: Entrepreneurs are always on a roller coaster ride to success. They often cope with the ups and downs of the business by focusing on the end result instead of on the process of getting there.
o Need to achieve: Although successful entrepreneurs keep an eye on profits, they give prime importance to their drive for personal success.
o Focus on the market: Entrepreneurs have good communication skills and are more attuned to listening rather than talking. Moreover, they always have their fingers on the pulse of their market.

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