Determining If Entrepreneurs Are Born Or Made

Everyone Has Different Skills

There are some people who are born with more abilities then other people. However it does not matter near as much as what you do with your talents. Someone with natural ability and no enthusiasm is going to be taken down anytime by someone who is less gifted with real heart. Think about it for a minute, we have all observed stories like “Rudy”. This is a guy who had no talent at all, but didn’t know the meaning of failure. No matter what his disadvantages were, he just would not quit.

There are plenty of big strapping jocks that played for Notre Dame, but none of them were carried off the field at the end of the game. That only occurred for the small guy who had virtually no talent. This type of tale is told over and over again in daily life.

Look at the story of Jim Abbot. Here is a guy with only one hand who became a professional baseball player and actually pitched a no hitter for the NY Yankees. Nobody would have ever said that he was born to play baseball. It had been all about his attitude and belief system.

It’s Who You Are Not What You Are Steph Korey

While it’s an interesting debate to ask the question “are entrepreneurs born or made”? One has to merely look back at history to grasp that there are several entrepreneurs who, in their early years had no possibility of success. In the bulk of the entrepreneur profiles that I’ve written, I was amazed at how many grew up in meager surroundings with little if anything to cause them to become successful. Everything came down to how badly they wanted it.

There are certainly traits they all shared. But those qualities were a part of what they wanted to be, not how they were born. It had nothing to do with how intelligent they were, or what type of family they were born in to. It had everything to do with how they saw the world and what they felt they could accomplish.

These entrepreneurs, both women and men, did not know how to quit. Additionally they understood that they needed to rise above the little stuff and be solution oriented. They could not and would not wallow in their failures. In fact they didn’t perceive failures, they saw learning experiences and opportunities.

The other trait of just about all the entrepreneurs that I profiled was that they were students of these industries. They didn’t just charge blindly into battle. They understood their marketplace, understood what their likely customers wanted and understood how to compete to obtain their business.

Entrepreneurs failed at business’s too. But when they failed, they dusted themselves off and got back in the fight.

Entrepreneurs Create Vision

I was about to say that entrepreneurs have vision, but that would be wholly inaccurate. The vision that entrepreneurs have comes from the essence of what they have done to get on track. They have failed and gotten back up, they’ve learned from their mistakes and they continue to study and learn what it requires to succeed in a market.

Once they comprehend what they will need to succeed, they internalize it, focus on it and never let it go. So no matter what gets thrown at them, they know they can defeat it. They know this because they can see that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.



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