Different Uses of Liquid Level Indicator

The main function of liquid level indicator is to ensure smooth running of all industrial operations, with its ability to monitor and control level of liquids in huge tanks, vessels and pipelines in any industrial plant, big or small.

As it is not safe and possible to view the interior of huge tanks and vessels operating in industry, thereby for this purpose, liquid level indicators are used to measure point level measurement or continuous level measurement of liquid content to maintain quality and standard. Some of its industrial applications, according to different industrial plants include:

Food & Beverage Industry:

In food and beverage industry, the smooth and single taste of product needs to be maintained for the sake of company’s quality and standard. For this purpose level sensors are used for the tank gauging of milk, beer, wine or other ingredients of the product. Food factories like Chocolate factories, dairy product plants, biscuit and candy making factories use ultrasonic level sensors to maintain their quality taste and standard.

Petrochemical Plants:

In petrochemical plants, tank gauging of highly volatile and corrosive acids and substances is needed to ensure smooth running of all the process. For this purpose non-contact liquid level indicators are used, such as Ultrasonic level sensor, which can be operated from a distance to monitor and control the level of liquid in a safe and health-friendly way

Water Reservoirs: level gauge manufacturers

Continuous monitoring of water level is needed for water reservoirs to utilize the water smartly for different needs and operations. Level Indicator is used for the detection of water levels in huge water reservoirs, so that the level can be controlled and utilized for manufacturing electricity, rural area and for other uses.


Liquid level indicator is extensively used in Sub-marine sector to indicate levels of extinguishers in multi banked cylinder rows on board ships. In addition, level sensor is also used to check and monitor any ingress of water into the ship or cargo. By using ultrasonic level indicator, crew members can ensure safety processes and safe journey of cargo and other water bodies through the sea.

Fire Extinguishing Departments:

Liquid level indicator is also an essential equipment to carry out operations at fire extinguishing departments. Fire extinguishing cylinders contain cooling agents to quench fire and heat. Liquid level sensors are used to locate levels of these cooling agents in fire cylinders to ensure their proper working at the time of emergency.

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