Funny Cartoons Add Humor to Any Day

A funny cartoon in your email box, or left on your desk by a well-meaning friend can brighten even the cloudiest day. After all, disasters in animation are much funnier than real life. 4anime

Funny Cartoons Can Turn That Frown Upside Down!
Have you ever giggled out loud at Charlie Brown falling on his face one more time? Or chuckled at the latest shenanigans of Calvin and Hobbes? I know that I find it much funnier when Ziggy is having a bad day, then when I am.

Funny cartoons are great because they can be enjoyed by the whole family. No matter what your age there is a cartoon that will tickle your funny bone. They are easy to share and can cause a chain reaction of humor. Some of the funniest moments in life are depicted by our favorite cartoon characters.

“Did He Just Say That?”
Funny Cartoons are also great because they can get away with saying things that we wouldn’t. It isn’t nearly as funny when your three year old asks the lady on the bus why she has a beard or the overweight man when his baby is due but when one of the family circle kids asks you can certainly find the humor in it.

In cartoons, aliens from outer space can find the humor in humans following dogs around picking up their poop and still thinking that humans are the superior species. Cats can take revenge on dogs, mice have a fighting chance, and nerds of the world prevail. Bullies always get what’s coming to them and the underdog wins.

Pets develop voices and jobs and anything your mind can imagine can be made funny in cartoons. What is your cat thinking while lying on the end of your bed? What would the furniture do if it came to life when you were gone for the day? It doesn’t matter what strikes you funny, there are cartoons that will make you laugh, guffaw, and slap your knee

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