Features Of Kwadron Cartridges

Features Of Kwadron Cartridges

Kwadron cartridges have various features to enhance your patients’ healing experience. These include a needle stabilizing system and razor-sharp needles. They are made from medical-grade plastic, and the casing ensures minimal friction, allowing the needles to remain sharp for long sessions.

Optima line of ultra-fine needles:

The Optima line of ultra-fine tattoo needles has been developed by Kwadron, a pioneer in the tattoo industry. This line of tattoo needles allows tattoo artists to create perfect crisp lines and soft shading while maintaining speed and accuracy. They are incredibly safe to use and packaged in sterile, disposable packaging.

The Optima needles feature a unique stabilizing system, preventing the backflow of ink and blood. They are made of medical-grade plastic that reduces friction and is durable and strong. They also have a high work culture, ensuring safety and quality.

Needle stabilization system:

A unique needle stabilization system is an important component of KWADRON cartridges. This system helps reduce friction between the needle and the housing, resulting in sharper needles. These cartridges are available in 20-count boxes. The needles are also incredibly flexible, allowing for a smoother tattoo experience.

Flexible yet sharp and strong:

KWADRON cartridges are designed for tattoo artists who prefer flexible yet strong and sharp needles. They are made from medical-grade plastics and are designed with safety in mind. The cartridges’ safety membrane prevents ink residues or wound fluids from flowing into the needle. This feature enables the needles to move smoothly and deliver perfect results on any tattoo machine.

Kwadron tattoo needles have long been known for their quality. They are renowned for their precision and sharpness. Their cartridges are made from medical-grade plastic that helps reduce friction between the grouping of needles and the tip. They are also made with surgical-grade surgical steel needles that provide razor-sharp quality. They are also available in non-membrane cartridges.

Safety membrane:

Kwadron Optima cartridges are designed with safety in mind. Every cartridge contains a full safety membrane to prevent ink residues and blood from contaminating the needle. These cartridges are available in 20 and 10-count boxes. They are made with smoke-tinted clear plastic and feature an exclusive stabilization system. This system reduces the friction between the needle and the cartridge housing, ensuring that the needle stays sharp.

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