Top 4 Reasons People Don't Like Pre-Construction Condos

Top 4 Reasons People Don’t Like Pre-Construction Condos

While many people like owning a new home in a short period, it can also present several problems. For example, maintenance fees, oversupply, and costs can all pose problems for buyers. Here are some genuine reasons why pre construction condos in Mississauga are only for some.

Maintenance fees:

If you’re looking to buy a pre-construction condo, you should know that the fees that come with it can add up. These fees include utilities, parkland levies, and development charges, so it’s a good idea to negotiate these fees before you sign the contract. One way to do this is by hiring a lawyer.

Another thing to remember when considering buying a pre-construction condominium is that you need to budget for maintenance fees. These fees are usually no more than 50 cents per square foot, but they can be higher in higher-end buildings. These fees will depend on the amenities offered at the property and the age of the building.


Cancellations are the number one complaint about pre-construction projects. Developers cancel sales agreements and sometimes offer higher prices than originally agreed upon. In some cases, homebuyers walk away with their deposit and are left to pay more money for the same units.

One reason for cancellations is the rising housing market. Many people moved to the Southwest during the Covid pandemic. In other states, cancellation rates are higher than the national average. Inflation and the fear that home values may drop during construction may cause some buyers to back out of the purchase. In such cases, a buyer should check the laws of their state regarding refunding cash deposits.


Having a budget and knowing what to spend on a project are key aspects of pre-construction. In addition to building permits, there are often surveys and other requirements. These can range from environmental impact reports to architectural plans to engineering and construction reports. Some projects also require cultural or archaeological impact reports. All of these will be included in pre-construction costs.


There’s a lot of talk about oversupply in the housing market right now. Homebuilders and economists both worry about this. The recent building boom left a record number of unsold homes. In addition, rising mortgage rates are causing some buyers to pull out of contracts.

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