Getting Yourself a Bespoke Suit

Bespoke suits have always been in fashion. Just the mere mention of a custom made suit is enough to make the mouth water. No wonder it is so expensive. Expensive being relative at this point. Bespoke suits have always been associated with Saville Row so much so that one may think that it is actually a designer label. Over the years they have been viewed as an indulgence only enjoyed by the rich, and for good reason too. Nowadays the price of owning one has gone down somewhat. Again stressing that cheap is also a relative term. custom tuxedo NJ

Getting a suit needs very little convincing if any. If you plan on going on meetings or at the very least, formal events for example, your wedding, you will need to get yourself one. Before going far, it is good to know that there are three kinds of suits. Off the rack suits, which are made using pre-defined sizes and cuts and mass produced. These are available everywhere and tend to be the cheapest option. The second type is the made-to-measure suits. These are similar to bespoke suits in that they are customised to the taste of the customer. The line is drawn however, when it comes to the level of customization. Made to measure suits are simply off the rack suits adjusted to fit a customer’s taste. The third and final one is of course the bespoke suit. This type is made by starting from scratch. You will book a meeting where you will discuss your taste and choose a fabric. There will be measurements done. There will be subsequent fittings where the suit is adjusted as it is made into the final product.

So why take your time for all this and end up paying through your teeth when you can grab one off the shelf for a tenth of the price? Well, the first reason is that you may not be a match for the mass produced suits. What then, do you do if your arms happen to be longer than ‘the average? A second reason might be that you want something that will last you for decades. Also, and more importantly, bespoke suits are uniquely yours. They are made for you specifically and in my opinion, if you are going to pay for something, why not dictate how you want it?

A recent development has been the mushrooming of tailors purporting to make bespoke suits. This is both good and bad. It is good as competition drives down the prices. Also because it makes the suits available to a larger population. There is no need for waiting lists. It is bad because there is now a greater risk of getting your suit made by an amateur. As a potential buyer, getting a suit made in the quality you want is top priority. For the amount you will pay, the risk should be minimal. Ultimately you get what you pay for. A tailor offering to make you a bespoke suit for $200 is more than likely to give you a poorly done suit. It is also important to know how long the tailor has been in business. The longer, the better. Referrals from customers is also good to have.



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