Interactive Cat Toys Are Important For Pet Bonding

If you love your cat and want to enjoy some playtime with them, then interactive cat toys might be the best way to do it. Not only will you chance to see a cat in action, but you also get to bond with your pet and this will make them a more happy and healthier cat. Cats are social and do want to find a way to interact with their owners, or should I say friends, and playing with them and having fun is a really great way for you to connect. Scratch and Purr

Some of the best interactive cat toys are the ones that have some type of clothing, fur or a string attached to the end of the stick. Either dragging them across the floor or waving it in front of them will get a chance to see your cat in action as they jump high and claw the prey. It really is amazing how far cats can jump when they are focused. Their ability to be quick and have the right timing to grab the lure is very entertaining.

You can also get the toy that has a mouse attached to a string on a stick, and when you add some catnip or catnip spray to these the cats can really go wild, and it is as they are actually chasing a mouse. You have to pay attention as you drag the mouse around and not let them run into any furniture or walls since they can get really focused on just the mouse and not anything else and may run into something.

Usually at some point when cats are kittens they are taught not to scratch their owners. But if you want to be more interactive with the cat you can get an oversized mitten or glove to cover your hands and arms in battle your cat. You do not want to get too aggressive when you are doing this since your feline friend may actually be able to bite through the glove and harm you. There is also a toy that has kind of a human hand looking attachment on it, and you might use this without actually having to have to put your own hand and arm into the battle. Some cats really enjoy this the best and it brings the meaning of interactive cat toy to a new level.

Something as simple as a laser pen might be enough to keep your cat active. Just by swirling around the red dot can be enough to get cats excited, and if you’re too tired to physically interact with the cat, this would be an easy option. Be sure to not directly put the laser light into the cat’s eyes this could actually hurt them and that’s not the idea of interactive play, you want them to enjoy what you’re doing and to be healthy and safe when you are done.

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