Marine Audio Systems at a Glance

There’s nothing quite like water sports, boating and fishing in the summertime. Apart from being one more chance to get away from the daily grind, it’s a prime opportunity to relax, kick back, and have a blast with family and friends, or to just have a little solitude out on the water. What could you add to the mix to make your getaway experience even more enjoyable?

Experience the quality and clarity of a brand new, customized marine audio system. Being out on the water is a wonderful experience, and having your tunes along for the ride allows you to feel right at home no matter how far away you are.

Marine audio systems are built to resist all forms of detrimental weather exposure, and perform just as well as you would expect from an audio system in your car or truck. Marine audio products are commonly used in boats, motorcycles, spas, and saunas because they are constructed to withstand light rain, moisture/humidity and damaging sun exposure. Built with materials that are water, fog, salt, and UV ray resistant, these products guard against rust and overall wear and tear. The superior durability of these systems allows you to enjoy your favorite music throughout every outdoor adventure, whether you’re out on the lake, or sailing the open ocean.

Owners of custom audio installations in their personal vehicles can attest to the quality and clarity a premium sound system can deliver, so why not take that experience with you out on the boat? If you are the sea-going type, you will certainly appreciate the atmosphere a premium marine audio system can provide. av services new york

So what are you looking at price-wise? It may not be as much as you are thinking. Although some components may cost a bit more than their auto counterparts, the prices are not out of reach – far from it. Try $600 to $700 for an amazing system with an amplifier, multiple water-proof speakers, stereo head unit, stereo enclosures, and subwoofers (additional installation costs will apply). Obviously prices will vary depending on the scope and quality of the desired system, but the mid-range is well within the limits of affordability for the average potential buyer.

Once you get a marine audio system installed, how long should you expect it to last? The longevity of your system depends on many factors, however generally you should expect a quality marine audio system to last for the life of the boat, in other words many years. Like anything, however, it also depends on how you treat your equipment, how often it is exposed directly to the elements, etc. Another factor is the quality of the installation. Shoddy work will result in a system having problems prematurely. Careless technicians who take shortcuts are often the cause of an early death for a sound system or repeat repairs, be it bad/faulty wiring, loose connections or seals, or any other blunder. The most important factor besides the equipment itself – Make sure your marine audio system is installed by industry professionals who have a reputation for great work, don’t try to save a buck and have your friend’s cousin’s nephew do the job. That being said, shop around first to find out what businesses are charging, do a little research on them (internet research is an invaluable tool).

Another very important aspect to your sound system will be its configuration, where is all this equipment going to go? If you have any room on the side panels of the inside of the boat or somewhere around your dash, your mid range speakers and tweeters should be placed there. Your stereo head unit will take the place of the original factory one, however if your boat did not originally ship with a sound system, the dashboard is where the head unit will go. Subwoofers should ideally be installed underneath the seats. The exact details of your system should be discussed and planned before the boat ever hits the shop, make sure the configuration you decide on is what you want.



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