QR Codes: The Future of Marketing?

Has your business started using QR Codes yet? If not, then you may be two years behind your competition. The numbers are showing there could be as many as one million businesses in the United States that are all ready using these square, two-dimensional bar codes.

QR Codes are those square, black and white boxes that resemble a bar code. You may not have noticed them, but they are on magazines, your bills, and even in commercials you see on television. They are the newest technology for linking your business to anyone with a smart phone. create a QR Code

You can link your business web site to the QR Code; add a coupon to it, a picture, a song, product info, even a troubleshooting guide for consumers who have all ready purchased your products. The possibilities are endless. Japan began using these years ago, and now they are literally used on everything there.

The Japanese have used these to market and advertise everything you can image… they’ve even been spotted on grave markers! Food wrappers have QR Codes on them that link you to the nutritional information. Billboards use them to advertise movies, cars and restaurants. These little squares are static hyperlinks; they make it possible to join the physical world with the digital one.

It doesn’t matter if you put them on flyers, window stickers or newspapers; anyone with a smart phone can scan them and be automatically linked to your information. They take up less space than traditional advertising. They are almost instantaneous access; no URL’s to type out, and you are interacting with customers and potential customers, on a whole new level.

The code applications are free or very inexpensive, and you won’t need a degree to set up your own QR Code. They are easy for you to program and easy for your customers to read. All they need is a smart phone, download the scanner application and snap a picture; it’s that easy!

Your first step to utilizing this cheap form of marketing is to add one to your business card, but make sure it links to a mobile site! Many are making the mistake of linking the code to their regular web site and it just doesn’t translate well on a smartphone. If you’d like to get more ideas and even make your own code with our free QR Code Generator check out our online news publication, QR Code Press.


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