Truck Driver Trainees Accountable for Their Actions

We have often written about and discussed the lack of poor CDL training requirements within the trucking industry. Due to the constant turning over of drivers, a never-ending revolving door exists between the CDL truck driving schools and the motor carriers.

On one hand, many see the responsibility of proper training belonging to the CDL school, while others comment that the real training begins with the motor carrier.

This email I received from a large CDL training school, places the responsibility on the carrier:

We supply licensed but not polished drivers for the industry. All of the companies that we work with have trainer programs that put the finishing touches on these drivers. We simply prepare a student to be able to pass the CDL tests.” Clackmann Weather

Too many regulations have long been a burden on the trucking industry, including those which have made it necessary for a new entry-level driver to have to pay thousands of dollars to a CDL school in order to “be able to pass the CDL tests.” We have discussed in detail, the many fraudulent schemes and mistreatment that takes place within the industry against CDL students and new drivers, including those by the driver trainer as well.

It is no secret that CDL trainees have been thrown out of the truck and left abandoned by their driver trainer. Many of these cases have occurred due to no fault of the trainee other than being placed with a poor, unprofessional driver that has only been given the title of “trainer” by their company. These acts of violence have been reported many times and do still occur, but now it is time to look at the other side of the story.

Violence Against CDL Trainers by Trainees

The CDL driver trainer has a very tough job to do. With all the responsibilities that come with long-haul trucking, they now have the added encumbrance of ensuring that the new trainee can safely operate an 80,000 pound machine. Not only is it physically challenging, it is very mentally challenging as well, and all too often the driver trainer becomes the target of violence by the trainee.

Driver trainers have been assaulted and threatened by trainees, both verbally and physically. Reasons for their actions range between them feeling that the trainer is keeping them too long in the training phase to playing music on the radio too loud. As ironic as it sounds, trainees that act this way toward their driver trainer do not even realize that they do so against the very person that holds the key to their career in their hands.

CDL training has many problems, many of which revolve around two strangers, being locked up in a truck together for twenty four hours per day, seven days a week, for weeks on end. Violence against the driver trainer by the driver trainee is unacceptable for the professional trucking industry and steps should be taken to protect the trainer as well. If trainees will verbally or physically assault the one person that can either make or break their new career, then how will they react to all the stress and responsibilities that come with being a professional over the road truck driver?

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