Who Invented the VHS Video Tape?

Philips was the first manufacturer to introduce the VCR ‘Video Cassette Recording’ in 1972. Although the first system no longer exists, VCR is still the popular acronym to use when talking about any home video devices. The next home system to become popular was from well known manufacturer Sony; it was in 1975 and was the Betamax system (sometimes called the Beta). Sony intended the system to become the singly used system by home audiences and so attempted to get other electronics manufacturers to agree.

They failed in their goal when a Japanese company called JVS declined and developed their own home video system, VHS. This came out in 1976 and a war began between the two formats as both fought for control of the market. Betamax was a better format when it came to picture quality, although VHS won the battle because it was easier to transport, could fast forward and rewind quicker and had a longer playing time. Betamax slowly dropped off the market and the only people left using it were die hard enthusiasts, VHS won the war and became a standard site in homes for more than ten years.

Tech Specs

A VHS tape is simply a plastic clamshell connected by screws with half inch magnetic tape that winds between two spools on either end. You insert the VHS into your VHS player which extracts the tape from the cassette and places it around the head drum. The drum then decodes the information kept on the tape and turns it into video and sound on your screen. masking tape manufacturer

Plastics used to make an average VHS tape are polyethylene, polystyrene and polypropylene. It will take 20 years before these materials start to degrade if not looked after. Even with careful care and storage the information contained on the tape as magnetic particles will begin to degrade as time goes on.

Those plastics used in the creation of VHS tape are known pollutants as they give of toxic vapors if simply left in the trash or buried on your average landfill. If you have VHS tapes you want to get rid of do not simply throw them away, donate or recycle them where possible, this applies very much so to anybody converting their old VHS into digital files, and will no longer be needing the originals. You may be unaware of what you can do with old VHS tapes, except throw them away, you have plenty of options such as:

– You may be able to sell or trade your old tapes

Look online for sites that specialize in VHS tapes and you will likely find people willing to pay for some of your old movies, or at the very least trade them for something else that you may get more use out of. Donating to the local thrift shop is also a possibility. VHS is a dead medium so do not expect to make a lot of money from them, however some money is better than no money for something you no longer have a use for.

– Any old movies can be donated

There are plenty of charities who would be glad to have your old VHS movies, or perhaps even libraries. Some libraries use VHS tapes in their media collections and so would be glad to take them off your hands.



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