Wicker Baskets Still a Family Favorite

Hand woven wicker baskets have rapidly gained popularity over the years. These baskets are woven from grass, wicker, wheat, bamboo and even twigs and osiers. Wicker baskets arose from the regions of Africa and the Middle East. People used them for carrying goods, food and even babies. The legendary scriptural story of Moses also mentions a basket in which he was placed as a baby and left to float in the river. The materials used to weave baskets largely depended on the terrain from which the weavers hailed. For example people living near areas growing the reed grass used to weave ones out of reed grass.

Although even today baskets are woven by hand this practice has been largely taken over by automated plants. The materials used, to weave these baskets has also changed rapidly over the years. Today plastic is used to weave baskets, which isn’t an uncommon sight. Even then, African hand woven baskets are still in demand today because of their apt weaving techniques. In those days baskets were used to carry food, fruits, grains, nuts and even fish. For distant caravan trade routes. Today wicker baskets have several other uses. custom wicker basket flower basket willow b

Decorative uses. African baskets are considered antique because of their unique hand weaving technique. This gives them a traditional antique piece look. Hence lovers of art collect them as a piece of decoration for their homes. They hang them on the walls of their homes. For tourists visiting Africa, these hand woven baskets serve as beautiful mementos which they love to carry back along with them.

Laundry uses. Wicker baskets are largely used as laundry baskets especially in the west. Almost every other household has a multiple number of baskets. For example one basket is used to carry dirty clothes while the other is used to carry washed laundry. These baskets are high in demand because they have holes in them which allow air circulation thus keeping clothes fresh after all the laundry has been done. These baskets are lightweight but still have the capability to carry off a huge load of clothes.

Looking for them isn’t much of a daunting task. You can easily find them at your local departmental store. They are available in all shapes, sizes and colors. These baskets aren’t expensive because of their mass production. Although, there are people who still prefer hand woven baskets. Tourists visiting Africa like to carry them back as mementos. Hence these types of baskets have no other use other than for decoration purposes.


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