5 Dangerous Cyber Threats And How To Overcome Them

5 Dangerous Cyber Threats And How To Overcome Them

To steal data, hackers need a foothold in your network. They can do this by exploiting several vulnerabilities, both technological and human. A recent study found that human error was the primary cause of 90% of data breaches in 2019. This demonstrates the importance of ensuring your network security.

Ransomware is the most feared cyber threat:

Ransomware is a type of cyber threat that makes computers and servers run with a digital code that is encrypted and designed to lock users out of them. These attacks are common and can cause major problems for businesses and individuals. It is particularly detrimental to SMEs, who tend to have inadequate cybersecurity and security training. Cybercriminals target small businesses because they are easier to target, and they can also make a lot of money by doing so. Previously, cybercriminals targeted big corporations and governments, which could afford to pay a ransom. Now, however, small businesses are among the most common targets for ransomware attacks.

Social engineering:

Social engineering attacks can be a big risk to your online privacy, so you need to be vigilant and aware of these risks. These criminals often use tactics that exploit human weaknesses such as trust. They can trick you into opening emails that contain malware, download software, or access your personal information.


Phishing is a type of cyber-attack where attackers create fake messages that attempt to trick people into divulging sensitive information. Most attacks are based on email, and the main goal of phishers is to steal account credentials. However, phishing can also target businesses and specific individuals.


Botnets are a form of malware that uses a network of infected devices to disrupt the internet. Cybercriminals use these botnets to overwhelm websites, a process known as denial of service (DOS). Unlike traditional malware, botnets don’t target a single computer. Instead, they use a large network of devices to execute various tasks, such as stealing private information. They can also be used to attack other computers and commit other crimes.


Drive-by cyber threats can come from many different sources. They may appear in the form of malicious code websites or legitimate programs downloaded from the Internet. In these cases, a hacker will create a “vector” through which he can deliver malware to your computer. Once the user interacts with the vector, he will be able to get into the computer and take over all the data.

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